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Strengthen your relationship.

Relationships are complicated.

We all have our own opinion about how they should work. How are these expectations affecting the intimate connection with your spouse? Blaming others for the problems in your marriage is a useless proposition. Conflict is imminent in any relationship if you are simply going through the motions on a daily basis.

The solution ...

It is important to check your perspective and take a look at yourself. A fulfilling marriage is reliant on the independent efforts of two people becoming the best versions of themselves. The issues in most relationships have nothing to do with the present situation. Confront adversity by restoring an authentic bond with your significant other.


  • Couples therapy
  • Blended families
  • Family dynamics
  • Communication
  • Bereavement


Coming up on a year of having worked with Jean, I’ve found myself getting excited to attack my personal obstacles and challenges. Jean is an awesome person, first and foremost.

She’s a patient listener, always encouraging, and so honest with her perspective. Her style of therapy is quite refreshing, as she motivates the desire for self-love and appreciation- focusing on you, so you can focus on yourself.

The sense of trust that has been built into our conversations has allowed me to learn more about myself through lenses of intrigue and curiosity rather than embarrassment, or even shame.

Meeting Jean has been one of my favorite parts of being alive – like a milestone. I’m excited to continue working with and learning from her.

~ Aman