I can’t thank Jean enough for the life changing experience she has given me. Prior to meeting Jean, I was going through tremendous loss in all areas of my life. Work, personally, financially…the perfect storm.

It had reached a point where I ended up in the hospital due a severe panic attack (thought I was having my second heart attack). My life was spinning and I couldn’t stop it.

Within a 3 month span, Jean helped me put everything into perspective, helped me regain my confidence, put old demons to rest and more importantly, my health and well-being was stronger than ever.

It’s been almost 2 years now and I am not the broken man that I was before. With Jean’s insight, guidance and yes…some very tough conversations…I found peace in my life and am ready to take on whatever comes my way. If you are experiencing any type of trauma, life changes, or just need a clear understanding of what’s happening in your life, Jean will show you the way to a better you.

~ Tom

Coming up on a year of having worked with Jean, I’ve found myself getting excited to attack my personal obstacles and challenges. Jean is an awesome person, first and foremost.

She’s a patient listener, always encouraging, and so honest with her perspective. Her style of therapy is quite refreshing, as she motivates the desire for self-love and appreciation- focusing on you, so you can focus on yourself.

The sense of trust that has been built into our conversations has allowed me to learn more about myself through lenses of intrigue and curiosity rather than embarrassment, or even shame.

Meeting Jean has been one of my favorite parts of being alive – like a milestone. I’m excited to continue working with and learning from her.

~ Aman

I have seen many therapists over the course of my life to cope with severe PTSD. Some were better than others and some were worse than most. It wasn’t until Jean became my therapist that my life truly began to change.

Not only did she help me conquer my PTSD, but also helped me to forge a new path in my career and overall lifestyle. Jean is compassionate and attentive, but will not hesitate to push you into confronting the issues that are within yourself.

I have taken control of my life and responsibilities as a result of Jean and The Me Project. I can honestly say that I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life.

~ Adrien

Jean’s personal transformation of her career path combined with her no nonsense approach to life gives her a unique approach to therapy.

Jean is my fourth therapist in the last 25 years and I find her feedback to be actionable, practical, and helpful to lead your happiest life! HIGHLY recommend!

~ Erin

I have seen several therapists in the past who have been boring and disengaged which left me quite apprehensive about therapy until I met Jean.

She is a compassionate and talented therapist who has helped me reduce the daily stress in my life. Jean is easy to talk with about sensitive topics and breaks things down into simple terms. If you are looking for an amazing therapist…look no further.

~ Evan

I have encouraged therapy for many years, but was apprehensive myself, intimidated by finding the “right person”.

Upon first engaging with Jean Tully, my curiosities were met and received with a place of safety and compassion. Jean holds a space and a conversation that makes me feel comfortable.

Her ability to listen, is helping me to understand that my voice CAN be heard. Through Jean’s “real talk dialogue”, I have been given the tools to assist me on navigating the challenges of everyday life, without my conditioned ego getting in the way.

The awakening and transformation in just 9 months of working with her has been life changing. So grateful for this incredible woman and The Me Project.

~ Samantha

Jean has been so instrumental in helping me through many life challenges such as divorce, anxiety, parenting, relationships, health concerns, and career changes. She is so easy to open up to.

Jean offers a fresh, pragmatic, and positive approach to moving forward and has a unique way of getting to the root of the issue.

First of all, she cares about my growth. Secondly, she’s really smart and can see things I am unable to see. Third, she’s so good at helping me make a plan that I can wrap my head around and not feel overwhelmed! 5 stars is an understatement. She’s awesome!

~ Lee


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